Sunday, February 5, 2012


Day in Georgetown was a very long and cold experience but worth the trip. Took the Red line to Blue to Foggy Bottom/GWU stop and walked about 1/2 mile down Pennsylvania Ave into brick district of Georgetown prep. My interruption of M St Georgetown is New York City's Fifth Avenue meets Elon prep Greek village. A lot of high end designer shops meet regular bohemian boutiques.

I was a bit annoyed that it took us double the time to get there since someone in the group lost his IPhone on the metro. Luckily a transit officer found the phone but the down side of the story is that we had to wait 45 mins in the Metro Center station. Despite the hold up in the morning we did get to walk a bit on the strip before it started to rain. After a disappointing visit to my favorite Urban Outfitters ending in a 10 minute search for yet another person in the "group" we ran into my other roommate Lee (from South Korea). We all decided to go to Thunder Burger & Bar as suggested by Lush worker Vicky. Check out the place (link). AMAZING food and the beer wasn't too bad either. Oh and for anyone who is like me and never eats the "bread on the table" unless I ask if its free...the sugary tortilla chips are free and delicious :)

 The exact spot where we sat, under the eagle. 

*Copyright of Thunder Burger & Bar Gallery

Later we met up with my other roommate Taranova (from Anchorage, AK) who was house-sitting for  former Congressman Steven's wife. It was great to be chauffeur around in Mrs. Stevens BMW to more private area of Georgetown. The house was like a museum with thousands of different items ranging in size and from all parts of the world. The biggest wine collection I've seen in someone's home!!!! I was in love and I even made friends with one of the house cats that looked like my former cat Gus. 

We closed our time in Georgetown catching the Circulator bus back to Union Station and thankfully caught the shuttle back to the apartment. I couldn't believe how cold it had gotten over the course of our trip across town. But boy was I happy we caught the shuttle! Up to the room and crash......RING RING RING RING!

Yep the freaking fire alarm went off at 330am! Someone probably drunk, high, and stupid did something like burn popcorn. We waited for over 25mins outside and I was so grateful that it didn't end up raining. I wished it ended there but it doesn't. The alarm continued to arbitrarily go off. Eloisa (my roommate) and I went downstairs to see what was going on and of course it was hopeless. The RAs and security guy could not tell us anything. We waited and waited and waited....nothing. Tired at 430am we went up to the room to sleep. The alarm continued but I just was too tired to care. Pillow over the ear and I was out. 

I only hope I don't find out who was responsible for the alarm because I will truly give them a piece of my mind. Till next post  have a good week!

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